Apilus®  Permanent Hair Removal

The gentle way to permanent hair removal is now possible thanks to this technology.

For over 130 years, electrolysis has been and remains the only 100% permanent hair removal method.  This technique permanently destroys germinative  cells responsible for hair growth by sliding a fine probe in the hair follicle and applying a current adjusted to the type of hair and the treated area.

The creators of Apilus®  designed an innovative computer assisted system that concentrates and controls the extent of destruction in the hair follicle, targeting only the germinative cells and thus protecting the skin and preventing new hair growth.

Apilus® treatments are timed and charged accordingly

Treatment TypeDurationCostBook Appointment
Electrolysis - up to 10 mins10 mins£20.00Book Now
Electrolysis - each 1 mins thereafter£1.50Book Now